Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund

Local Grants for Locals

Grant Guidelines

(Click here to download a pdf of the Grant guidelines)

Grant Recipients:  Click here to download a final grant report form in pdf format. Or click here to download a final grant report form in doc format. Click the "Save" button when the FTP download dialog appears.

Grant Applicants:

There are two types of grants available. A general Community Grant provides a maximum of $3000 for projects or programs that directly benefit the communities of Bolinas and/or Stinson Beach.  An Arts Grant, of which there are up to two distributed per grant cycle, provides a maximum of $1000 for art exhibits, performances or projects directly benefitting the communities of Bolinas and/or Stinson Beach. Applications for an Arts Grant may come from artists who live elsewhere but the funded project must specifically be performed or exhibited in the Stinson/Bolinas communities. Artists applying for an Arts Grant may also apply for a Community Grant, although not for the same project.

Grantmaking Process and Schedule

The Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund was created and is supported by a group of local donors to provide funding for projects that benefit the Stinson Beach and Bolinas communities. The donors who created this Fund act as the Fund’s advisors, recommending which projects should be supported by this community effort. The maximum Community Grant the Fund provides for the Community grant is $3000 per grant cycle and there is no minimum amount. The maximum Arts Grant the Fund provides is $1000 per grant cycle and there is no minimum amount. The Fund has two grant cycles per year with application deadlines of April 30 and October 31. Applications postmarked after any of these dates will not be considered. Should April 30 or October 31 fall on a Sunday or holiday, the acceptable postmark will be the next following business day. Any applicant missing these deadlines will be notified and asked to reapply the next grant round. April applicants will be notified of grant decisions by approximately June 15. October applicants will be notified of grant decisions by approximately December 15. Grant funds will be distributed with notification letters.


To be eligible, an applicant must be an organization or individual whose project benefits the Stinson Beach and/or Bolinas communities. Projects that do not specifically benefit the Stinson Beach and/or Bolinas communities will not be considered for funding.  Although matching funds, donated materials, equipment and services are not required, they are strongly encouraged and will make an application more competitive. If a grant includes a funding request for labor or services, utilizing local resources is encouraged.

Final Reporting

The Fund assumes that all proposed projects will be completed within twelve months from the beginning of Fund support; if this is not the case, the applicant will be required to submit a letter explaining why.  To be considered for future funding, grant recipients must submit a brief final report to the Stinson Bolinas Community Fund Grants Program at the completion of their grant project evaluating the project’s overall success. Please note that grantees who fail to submit a final report will not be eligible for future funding.  Click here to download a final grant report in pdf format. Or click here to download a final grant report form in doc format.  Click the “Save” button when the FTP download dialogue box appears.

To Apply

Applicants can contact Belle Wood, Grants Consultant, at 415-847-0343 to discuss their proposal before submitting an application. You may download a form here.


Fill out the Grant Application completely. In order to insure fairness to all applicants, please either type or write on the application form provided, or reproduce the form's format on your computer. Handwritten applications that are illegible will not be considered. In addition, please note that incomplete or outdated forms may require you to wait for a subsequent grant review cycle. To support your application, you may include a limited amount of material in addition to that which is requested, including up to 3 letters of support.


If you are an individual, group, or other non-incorporated charitable effort, please make sure that your explanation of the charitable purpose of your work and its benefit to the community is specified in your response to questions in the application.


If you are requesting a grant to provide tuition assistance or scholarships, please include specific information about the number of individuals you will be able to serve under the grant.


Mail or email one copy of your completed application to:

Belle Wood, S/BCF Grants Consultant
Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund Grants Program
PO Box 367
Stinson Beach, CA 94970


 • Have received, or expect to receive, funds from other sources that match, or will match, the funds requested in this application (expected receipts need to be based on documented information provided to applicants by other prospective funding sources).

• Have received significant levels of gifts-in-kind (services, equipment, etc.) for the project to be supported by this application.