Stinson/Bolinas Community Fund

Local Grants for Locals

Application Forms

Application forms are available here in two formats: PDF, which requires that you have the Adobe Acrobat Reader, and a DOC file. If you use the PDF, you will need to print the form and then fill it in by hand or typewriter. If you download the DOC file, you will be able to fill in the form on your computer

PDF Application Form: Community Grant
PDF Application Form: Art Grant

When you download the PDF use the "Save a Copy" function to place it in your folder. (Note: May not download if you are using Safari - use another browser.)  To return to this page use your browser's back arrow.

DOC Application Form: Community Grant
DOC Application Form: Art Grant

If you want to use the DOC Application Form, click the "Save" button if the FTP download dialog appears.